Sunday, August 08, 2004

Land of the Lawns

Recently I found myself back in Ohio for a few days. And while I may have been to a number of random places in this world, I had never been to Ohio before.

Talk to anyone in California who's from out of state and they'll tell you they miss two things:

The Seasons...

and Yards.

Well... anyone who's grown up in California couldn't care less about "seasons", we'd much rather go to the beach on Christmas Eve than bemoan being unable to watch "colors change".

As far as yards go, however, I've always scratched my head. Yards!? We have yards here. Some big, some small, some short, some tall. So what's the problem?

Now I know....

EVERYTHING in Ohio has a yard! And I don't mean a little patch of grass, I mean a big giant lawn.

The gas stations have lawns, the shopping centers have lawns, even the freeways have big giant lawns running down the middle at times.

It's as if there's some old guy who's been on the Ohio board of trustees for so long that everyone HAS to listen to him. Only problem is, he's beginning to go a little senile.

BoardMember, "Alright, next on the agenda, we have the extention of the 215 freeway going in. Any comments?"
Joe, "It needs a lawn!"
BoardMember, "Eh, Joe it's a freeway."
Boardmember, "But Joe, freeway's don't usually have-"
Joe, "LAWN!!!"
Boardmember, "Okay, alright. One lawn for the 215 freeway. Next, we have a gas station going in on the corner of Weston and Third...."

Please note that I'm not complaining. Coming from Southern California, Ohio seemed like a veritable Rain Forest, which made for a very nice change in scenery.

In fact, I liked the green so much that I plan on going back this December to visit it.

...So, on a different note, what's this "change of seasons"?


Blogger Legolas said...

Change of seasons... Tree's my friend. The trees will change to bright colors of read, orange, yellow, and some even a purple... There is a smell in the air ( I think its decay ) But its a good smell...

In the spring, late spring... Every thing is so green! and when trees bud they sometimes turn white, or other colors... (its a bitch if you have allergy's) I don't...

Any promising writer such as yourself should visit the mid west... maybe you'll get some inspiration... ;-)

But seriously, If you ever have the time, you and the Mr.s can visit Madison WI anytime. I'll put you up in a hotel and give ya alone time and I'll be a tour guide. But if you visit here or ohio in the winter, bring a damn coat! I'm sure the lady will take care of you.

Sun Aug 08, 07:40:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Cocles said...

Actually, that was a feeble attempt at humon on my part, since while any native midwesterner would know that visiting Ohio in December to see the "green" would lead to some upset, a native Californian I might not know that. ;) But thank you for such a descriptive picture of those "changing seasons" are like.

Sun Aug 08, 11:52:00 PM PDT  
Blogger SlowMo said...

Coming from a country where it rains 200 days a year by average, I have one comment to make : Seasons are overrated.

I'd give an arm for it to be summer all year.

Mon Aug 09, 12:59:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Legolas said...

Eh I tried ;)...

Anyways, Southern California is nice weather... All dry heat...

Summer here is a pain in the ass. Well Summer and Winter. Summer is hot, but HUMID. And winter well, it sucks... I'd rather visit snow than deal with it for 3 months.

Mon Aug 09, 08:49:00 AM PDT  

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