Friday, July 09, 2004

Buon Giorno....

I'm writing this blog for one reason:

Never underestimate a woman's scorn, or a writer's will to procrastinate.

As I type this, there is a screenplay patiently waiting beside me like a dominatrix calmly wielding her horse crop and giving me that sort of smile people give only when they know they're inevitably going to have their way.

I've heard of writers who enjoy writing. Personally I think they're in the same league as minotaurs and leprechauns. (Although, I do work in a dark cavern, myself, and have a habit of wearing green.) -We've all seen the image of the writer, sitting in the sunshine, dishing out page after page as an animated bird flies in and lands on his or her finger. Personally, if an animated bird flew in the window at me, I'd probably scream and embarrass myself.

So yes, I'm a professional screenwriter. You'll notice I have to say professional, since when you only say screenwriter these days, it means you have lots of "really good ideas" and sometimes even jot them partially down on napkins when you know someone's looking.

For those of you wondering... Yes, I am the Cocles from and author of its infamous NewbieFAQ.

For those of you who weren't wondering... well, just pretend you didn't see that last statement.

Will this blog only be about screenwriting?

Wow, I hope not.

Do I have a list of ideas to post about?

If writing one out will help me procrastinate, then you bet I do!

For now though I must flee, as I just heard a whip crack and the daylight hours draw near.

auf Wiedersehen,


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