Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Stop whining... Girlie Man!

I make a conscious effort to not babble on about politics, but since a couple of you requested I comment on this, what the hay!

At a rally a few days ago, Schwarzenegger declared that when it comes to politicians who are delaying his budget, "If they don't have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, 'I don't want to represent you, I want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers' ... if they don't have the guts, I call them girlie men."

The supporters of the people he was referring to have since leaped onto their soap box shouting that the governor's remarks were sexist and homophobic.

Oh for crying out loud.

You gotta love it when you can tell someone is actually making a conscious effort to be offended.

It's obvious he was making a joke by referring to the old "Hanz & Franz" SNL skits that used to poke fun at him.

Roger Rabbit said it best, "Without a sense of humor, you're better off dead."


Blogger Legolas said...

You have done a much better job than I would have.

I would have babbled too much, I do find it funny that some of the feminazi's are upset that being a girlie man means you are less of a man. They are upset at Arnold and at those who got upset being called girlimen.

It's not homophobic~ That means to have an irrational fear of homosexuals... Arnold was calling those girlimen weak. Guttless cowards. And ladies don't take offense when a man is called a girl for an insult... Its not a rip on women its a rip on his masculinity. Save me the womens studies crap, the best way to get to a guy is to strip away his masculinity, it has nothing to do with what we think of women.(those who would get upset by it are more of the sexest type anyways.) Think about it.

Tue Jul 20, 08:42:00 AM PDT  
Blogger thuringwethil2004 said...

Well, that's half the problem with people today. One, they don't see sarcasm, or a joke. Two, they are overly offended about everything. If men would be men, and quit being girlie men and the feminazis would sit down and shut up and act like ladies instead of trying to equate themselves with men, a lot of the problems in this country would disappear.

Tue Aug 17, 07:43:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous androstenone said...

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Tue Jan 03, 08:29:00 PM PST  

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